Prayer Wall


PRAYER CONFERENCE: Wednesdays  9:05pm

Dial (218) 862-6789 Conference Code 589005



  1. BulletFaith: Step Into It - execution of 2013 ministry plans.

  2. BulletYoung Adults - spiritual growth and wisdom in making daily decisions

  3. BulletYouth - guidance for the ministry director/head to layout program for the youth; to raise up servants who can be used to meet the needs of the youth

  4. BulletChildren - for daily protection against harm and sickness; for physical, emotional and spiritual growth; for their Sunday School teachers to have joy in partnering with parents to mold them.

  5. BulletSalvation for: those identified during discipleship training, Abelle’s and Babet’s family, Joe, Dominic, Rommel, Edison and children, FAV5 list, Kaye, Fred Roxas

  6. BulletPrayer Conference - for increased participation, for every family to have family devotion/prayer time.

  7. BulletSmall Group Bible Study - for commitment to attend and participate regularly, for attitude to learn and grow in relationship with the Lord and deepen relationship with other group be encouraged/mentored and be an encourager as well

  8. BulletGlendale Women’s Bible Study - for provide emotional and spiritual healing, for joy of service among volunteers

  9. BulletGiving Pledge - for faithfulness in giving…supporting the ministries of the church. Prayerfully consider signing a pledge to give proportionally, regularly and cheerfully as the Lord blesses you.

  10. BulletMissionaries in the Philippines and around the world. Let us pray that the Lord will open many doors of opportunity to share the Good News and that many people will respond to His call for commitment; Mark Yerkes of Parable Videogram; Resty & Mel Enguerra of IMI, Southeast Asia; Franz Klevin Claracay ministering to college students in Calamba and Cavite; Ara de Torres mission trip to 11 countries in 11 months starting July 3, 2013.

  11. BulletLiving Hope Philippines - for Pastor Eddie and Sister Maricar Calayag, for open opportunities, open hearts and open mouths to share the Good News.


  1. BulletHealing: Sister Nimfa, Rachel Bandola, Julita, Jackie R., Ester, Edison Generoso, Isabelle; Herman Atienza - physical and spiritual healing, Mariam’s mom; Miki (Wife of Kim’s supervisor) - breast cancer; Benjie and Pastor Dante

  2. BulletLittle ones: Noah, Josiah, Andrew, Clarence, Alessandra and Emilia, Gavin and Teagan - for God's mighty hand in the growth, development and functioning of all internal organs and systems. Josiah - lung development and healing for acid reflux, eczema and apnea.

  3. BulletWaiting on the Lord for them to conceive a child - Aldrin & Beng, Joe & Lot, Amy & Cary, Nel & Ivy, Ivan & Mance

  4. BulletPhysical, emotional, relational, financial and spiritual needs of members and their loved ones, both here and in the Philippines.

  5. BulletMembers favorable work schedule so they can join worship with us and spend time with family every Sunday.

  6. BulletElderlies - God’s strength and comfort (Nanay Norma, Tatay Ruding, Nanay Lou, Nanay Pining, and Ka Peping)

  7. BulletEntrepreneurs - God’s blessing of new clients and more profitable business for Angie, Alan, Susan, Josephine and Edwin.

  8. BulletINS papers - to facilitate processing and financial provision for related filing and lawyer fees

  9. BulletUS Visas - for Kyle’s parents, Grace

  10. BulletJob Seekers:  - Beng A., Maybelle, Rhian, Digna; for favorable response from recent job interviews

  11. BulletKing & Kevin - mantle of protection, find a church family while away for school

  12. BulletFAV5 - invite to our worship services and bible studies.

  13. BulletNew believers - for God’s sovereign care for the seed of faith and His help in following up

  14. BulletVisitors and attendees - to prayerfully consider membership in our church. All members to be involved in our prayer conference, all other events and activities


  1. BulletPastor, Ministry Directors and Heads - for their personal, family, spiritual and congregational needs;  for wisdom and guidance in executing church programs

  2. BulletPastor Michael as we partner with him in expanding God’s work here in Glendale/LA area

  3. BulletWorship Center - Hedge of protection against lawless elements; wisdom in making decision for possible acquisition of our permanent worship center and necessary funding; favor for extension of lease on current facilities under improved terms and conditions

  4. BulletNew Board and Ministry Heads - wisdom and greater passion and dedication in the pursuit of church mission/vision and in developing ministry goals and targets and related budget