About us


A small group of believers started to hold its worship services and Bible studies in a rented building in Los Angeles. Pastor Dante assumed the pastorate, ably assisted by his wife, Willie, upon his ordination in January 2000. The group was registered in the State of California as Philippine Evangelical Church (PEC).

By God’s grace, PEC has seen its membership grow slowly but steadily over the years. This is despite the limiting factors such as frequent transfers of church facilities and holding Sunday services in the afternoon. Armed with only their faith in God and the passion to serve Him, the group vigorously pursued its vision and mission to glorify God. With the overall direction and inspiration of the leaders and the harmony, warmth and welcoming attitude of members, the group attracted guests and seekers who ultimately became active members. 

In September 2008, the general membership made two strategic decisions: to move back to LA/Glendale area and to adopt a new business name, Living Hope Christian Fellowship, while retaining its registered corporate name, PEC. This name change was done to ensure that everyone and anyone would never feel excluded but welcome to worship the Lord at Living Hope—no matter their religious persuasion or nationality.

On our twenty first year, the story of Living Hope is a continuing testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness. There is still much work to be done in Los Angeles/Glendale area, so the story of Living Hope goes on—and will keep going on until the return of the Lord. Until then, may God use Living Hope to share the Good News of salvation and expand His kingdom.